Our Founder's Story :

Since this is probably the first time you are reading my thoughts, I thought it is better to take a moment to get to know each other.
First, let me introduce myself. Who am I and what have I been up to? 
I established my first start-up in 2008 when I was doing my engineering at KIT College, Kolhapur. I founded a committee with the name www ( Walk With the World) and I started teaching English to my juniors for FREE. It was the kind of social work for others but I was gaining the experience and that was my first investment. 
My second start-up was my YouTube channel which got only 100 subscribers between the years 2011 to 2016. A big failure for me :-(. Let’s talk about this at the end of the story.
I did Engineering because I thought I could get a job and a good wife. Generally, girls ask this question before they choose a guy,  ‘Is he an Engineer?’. hmmm !!!!  I did Mtech from BITs Pilani in the year 2015 because my dad had a dream to see his son a postgraduate one.
By 2016, I understood that IT is not for me and I wanted to make some money on the side by teaching English to others. 
Why teach English ?? … Going back to my school days I was given a chance to speak on an occasion and I faltered miserably. This was the worst yet best day of my life. Worst because it gave me pain, best because it changed something deep inside. That day was a life-changing day for me. On that day, I decided to be the best at English. 
I started by tutoring people who were in my building by taking very nominal fees. You might not even know what it was like with only 1000 rs in my bank account. :)But to bring a change and passion for teaching helped me transform my life and many others. 
My total investment was a cost of a pizza. I bought a 3 ft. by 2 ft. whiteboard from my wife’s friend and one duster, and one marker pen from the market which cost me around 40/-. I circulated the message to all WhatsApp and Facebook groups. Guess what ???? I got 5 admissions. Hurrey !!!!!. I am tagging here my first student ( Vidyesh Patharwat) – I gave my 100% and could get 10 more admissions for the next batch.
Finally, I left my job and started spoken English Academy with the name ABKO English Academy in 2017. You must be wondering why did I give the “ABKO” name to my institute? Simple one !!! I took the first letters from my name and my surname. ABhinav KOyale. 
From there, I have come a long way in the past 5 years.
From 2017 to 2021, I managed to start 16 branches all over Pune. I got 50k+ subscribers and 2.7 million views on my YouTube content. 
That’s not all, We believe in giving back to society hence giving free tuition to villagers and those in need. This helped me gain a LOT of experience in Teaching English.
Now, we are a team of 50+ people and we have a lot of awesome students and trainers we feel proud of. Now enough about myself!
I would like to know more about you! Who are you? Do you need English in your profession? To be the best at English has become very important nowadays. English is used in almost all fields more than any other language. English is important for students because most higher education books are printed in English. It is important for those who want to study OR work in countries like Canada, UK, America, New Zealand, Australia, etc. It’s important to IT guys as they get most of the projects from the USA. Housewives need to teach their kids. It’s important for everybody who lives. English is the third most spoken language in the world.
Since this is probably the first time you are reading my blog/article, I thought it is better to take a moment to get to know each other.
I would like to know more about you! See you in ABKO soon. As you have given enough time to read my blog, I must give you something in return. Do you want to download our FREE online material? If yes, click here.
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Abhinav Koyale

Founder of ABKO English Academy.
[email protected] (77 190 190 19)

Feedback & Reviews

——Student’s Reviews——

” Really helpful…. It helped me a lot in building my knowledge and to improve my English skills…!! Thank you sir😊# “

Nikhil Salve

” I have a very good experience after joining the classes. Now, I have got a job also. Thanks Abhinav sir and the team. “

Mahesh Naik

” Just check youtube channel. You will come to know the quality of the class. I am big fan of ABKO english academy.  “

Apurva Patil

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