group discussion

Group Discussion

  1. If you want to start the GD, you can say- Good morning everyone, we have got a very
    interesting topic to discuss and if no one has any objection then I would like to begin. The topic
    name is “__”.
    In the first step, you have to give brief idea and history of the given topic.
  2. If you want to add some points then you can say – Yes, I agree with you but I would like to
    add some more points in that.
  3. If someone is going out of the discussion then you can interrupt and say- Excuse me friends, I
    feel that some of our friends have drifted the topic away from what has been given to us so I
    think we should come to the topic and continue.
  4. If someone is not speaking, you can say -Friends some of our partners are not speaking so,
    let’s give them a chance to exchange their valuable opinions or thoughts.
  5. While expressing your thought if someone is interrupting you or arguing then peacefully you
    can say “please let me complete my sentence”.

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