IELTS has 4 sections :


(Same test for Academic and General Versions)


Types of Questions:

  • multiple choice
  • short answer
  • sentence completion
  • notes / diagrams / flow chart completion


  • 4 Sections
  • 40 Items
  • 30 minutes


General Reading

Types of Exercises:

  • Texts from advertisements, newspapers, instruction manuals, notices, leaflets, timetables, books & magazine
  • Texts become progressively harder


    • 3 Sections
    • 40 Items
    • 60 minutes

Academic Reading

Types of Exercises:

  • General, non-specialist & academic tex
  • Texts become progressively harder


    • 3 Sections
    • 40 Items
    • 60 minutes

General Writing

Types of Exercises:

  • 2 Tasks

– 1 letter (150 words)

– 1 essay (250 words)



  • 60 minutes

Academic Writing

Types of Exercises:

  • 2 Tasks

-1 descriptive report, based on a graphic (150 words)

-1 essay (250 words)


  • 60 minutes

Speaking (Same for Academics and General)

Part 1: 4-5 mins, 5-6 Q, warm up questions, no timing.

Part 2: 4-5 mins, cue cards – 1 min preparation, 2 min response, you can make points and refer while speaking, if you are completely unaware about the topic , you can request to change it. 

Part 3: 7-10questions, related to part 2, 4-5 mins

A brief introduction to IELTS

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is an English language proficiency exam which measures the ability of test-takers to communicate in the four basic language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.
The IELTS is managed by three main institutions: the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL). This is important to understand in order to prepare for what is essentially an examination of British and not American English.
Many students who have prepared for or appeared for the TOEFL iBT are surprised when they face difficulties understanding accents and expressions used by British speakers in the IELTS. This is why thorough preparation, at a language school or through self-study, is so essential for success in this exam.
There are two versions of the IELTS exam: general and academic. Test-takers must know in advance which one is needed for their purposes as the scores are not interchangeable. Each test lasts two hours and forty-five minutes. Test takers are required to pay a fee for administration of the exam.
Broadly speaking, the IELTS is taken by those who wish to study, live, or work in a country where English is the primary language of communication. Specifically, the test is taken by three main categories of people:
  • Those who want to study in an English-medium school, college, or university in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, or New Zealand
  • Those who wish to apply for immigration to countries such as Canada, Australia, or New Zealand
  • Those who need to demonstrate their English proficiency to meet the requirements of professional associations or regulatory bodies in various countries
The IELTS has existed since 1989. Today, over 700,000 people from over 120 countries appear for this exam every year.

English Grammar !

English Grammar(Tenses)

Goal of our ABKO academy is to teach students English in easiest and simplest way ever and help them learn, improve and master the English language as well as to build confidence while speaking in English with proper English grammar.


We have been learning English from our childhood. The problem is, we have never tried to speak in English.


While learning Marathi, we used to listen our parents when we were kids. Whatever we were listening, we tried to speak. Then after taking admission in school, we started reading books and writing exams.

But while learning English, we used to listen our teacher in English, then we started reading books of Grammar(noun, adjective and all…), then we started writing exams but we never tried to speak in English.


So we strongly believe that speaking is the only way to improve English.


Goal of our ABKO academy is to teach students English in easiest and simplest way ever and help them learn, improve and master the English language as well as to build confidence while speaking in English.

Keeping this objective in mind, Dr. Abhinav Koyale started this academy in 2008 with the help of few co-founders Dr. Vijay Salvi, Mr. Amol Inamdar, Mr. Madhav More,  Mrs. Sheetal Jadhav, Mrs. Sunita Prakash. We have 9 branches in Pune & 5 Outside Pune. We have 4.9 google rating for all branches. This institute is a government authorized and ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Although, an attempt has been made, the first version cannot demand totally flawless. Undoubtedly, there may be a scope of improvement, and any constructive suggestion send at [email protected] would be heartily considered.

“we strongly believe that speaking is the only way to improve English.”


Simple Present Tense:

  • Formula for S.P.T ———> S+V1+O
  • S is nothing but Subject who does an activity.
  • V1 is first form of verb which is nothing but an activity.
  • O is nothing but an Object on which that activity took place.

Where to use Simple Present Tense:

  1. General sentences. ( साधारण वाक्ये)


  1. The laptop is on the table.
  2. There is a chair in the bedroom.
  3. I am a teacher.
  4. They are players.

( am/is/are हे verbs आहेत.याला “to be” चे forms म्हणतात.)

  1. Repetitive tasks.(सारख्या घडणाऱ्या  गोष्टी)
  1. I wake up at 7 am daily.
  2. I cut my nails weekly.
  3. I pay my vodafone postpaid bill monthy.
  4. We celebrate Diwali yearly.
  1. Hobby( छंद)
  1. I dance on bollywood songs.
  2. I sing songs. 
  1. Habit( सवय)
  1. She always forgets her Umbrella.
  1. Scheduled Events
  1. The Kapil Sharma’s show starts at 9 pm.
  1. Universal Truth
  1. The Earth circles the Sun.
  1. Facts:
  1. Water boils at 100 degree Celsius.


Simple Past Tense:

It is used to tell about an activity which took place in the past like yesterday, last week, last month, last year, before many years. (जी क्रिया past मध्ये घडून गेली आहे त्या विषयी बोलताना past tense वापरावा.काल, परवा, मागच्या आठवड्यात, माघच्या वर्षी, काही वर्षापूर्वी झालेल्या घटना सांगण्यासाठी या tense चा वापर करावा.) 

Formula ————>S+v2+O


    1. I woke up late yesterday
  • I went to Mumbai last week.
  1. I completed my homework before 2 days.

Simple Future Tense:

The activity which you are planning to do in the future like tomorrow, next week , next month, next year or after many years. (ज्या क्रिया आपण future मध्ये म्हणजे उद्या, परवा, पुढच्या आठवड्यात, पुढच्या महिन्यात, पुढच्या वर्षी करायचं ठरवतो त्या वेळी हा tense वापरावा.)

Formula ————–   S + will+ v1+ O


  1. I will go to Mumbai tomorrow.
  2. I will attend my friend’s marriage next month.
  3. He will come to my home in few days.
  4. She will become an engineer in 2 years.

Present Continuous Tense:

If any activity is happening right now which you can see/hear/feel then we have to use Present continuous tense. (जर एखादी क्रिया आपण डोळ्यांनी पाहू शकतो or ऐकू शकतो or feel करू शकतो तर हा tense वापरायचा.)

Formula: S + am/is/are + V1+ ing+ O


  1. You are reading my notes right now.
  2. Fan is running/rotating.( See)
  3. Kids are playing outside. ( hear)
  4. I am having cold.(Feel)

Am/is/are कोठे वापरायचे?

I ———- am

3rd person singular 

( he/she/it/’name of a person/city or anything’) ————- is

You,we,they, plural forms ———- are

Past Continuous Tense:

If any activity was happening at some particular time in the past then we have to use this tense. (जर एखादी क्रिया past मध्ये एखाद्या particulr time ला चालू होती तर हा tense वापरायचा.)

Formula: S + was/were + V1+ ing+ O


  1. I was watching TV at the same time yesterday.
  2. I was having my lunch yesterday at 1pm.

Parts of Speech

💎Parts of Speech – Most important to speak English fluently.💎
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group discussion

Group Discussion

  1. If you want to start the GD, you can say- Good morning everyone, we have got a very
    interesting topic to discuss and if no one has any objection then I would like to begin. The topic
    name is “__”.
    In the first step, you have to give brief idea and history of the given topic.
  2. If you want to add some points then you can say – Yes, I agree with you but I would like to
    add some more points in that.
  3. If someone is going out of the discussion then you can interrupt and say- Excuse me friends, I
    feel that some of our friends have drifted the topic away from what has been given to us so I
    think we should come to the topic and continue.
  4. If someone is not speaking, you can say -Friends some of our partners are not speaking so,
    let’s give them a chance to exchange their valuable opinions or thoughts.
  5. While expressing your thought if someone is interrupting you or arguing then peacefully you
    can say “please let me complete my sentence”.

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English Grammar


Grammar is important because it is the language that makes it possible for us to talk about language. Grammar names the types of words and word groups that make up sentences not only in English but in any language. As human beings, we can put sentences together even as children—we can all do grammar.

Communication is a learned skill, to express themselves well and successfully, people must learn how to communicate effectively. Grammar lays the groundwork for effective communication. … Grammar is very important because it helps enhance accuracy.

Learn To Speak Fluent English

Are you a student, professional or housewife? You all have your reason to learn to speak fluent English. 

  • If you are a student, you ought to learn English because tomorrow you are going to get a job, and communicating effectively in your interview will be the deciding factor for the first impression and clearing the interview.

  • If you are a professional, your ability to communicate with clients, team members and seniors will be the most important skill for an excellent career.

  • If you are a housewife you would need to go to places, meetings and events with your better half meeting people of all parts of the world, Make sure you are not left behind and have a good time making memories worth remember.

Below are the top factors to keep in check If you want to speak fluent English.

Improve Reading Skills in English

If you want to improve any skill in life, there is only one simple way to do it, and that is making a new habit. Want to improve your reading skill, make sure you read daily at a specified time of the day. Make it a morning ritual or a good night sleeping dosage for your brain.

Make sure you read daily, you can choose a topic of your choice. If you like fiction pick a fiction book if you like autobiographies pick one about a person you like most. When you like the topic you would have an interest and thus making reading a habit will be easy.

Read fast or slow it does not matter unless you keep track of the words which you did not understand. Make it a point to find the meaning and learn about it, understand it.

Improve Writing Skills in English

Again making writing a habit is easy. Write on any topic of your interest if you do not have any. Write about your daily activities, your daily routine, what you did, your major activity, etc. This activity will help you write your thoughts into English.
Writing skill is one of many skills which is in demand and sought after. You can be an Excellent Copywriter, writing articles that sell.
Checkout Fiver where a good copywriter are selling their writing abilities in 500 – 1500 INR per 1000 word articles.

As an Engineer, you would have to write Emails and white paper to help keep records and research work.

Improve Your Grammar Skill.

Refer a good grammar book,. Take help from any teacher or join an English class nearby and make sure you keep learning.

We too have many tutorials on Youtube helping people with their grammar. Subscribe to our channel and get the latest tutorials tips and tricks to improve your English.
Grammatically correct words in your speech and write-ups are so very important in making better communication with others.
You would not only be fluently speaking in English but also speaking correctly with no mistakes. Learn for FREE on improving your grammar skills.

Improve Your Speaking Skill.

Speak in English regularly with your friends, family, kids. If you are hesitant to speak with with others then speak in-front of mirror.
Do not be too conscious of your grammar or mistakes, try and speak as much as you can in English soon your confidence level will increase and you will not feel uncomfortable. You can find some common mistakes we make while speaking here.

Thus combining all the above activities will help you to learn how to speak, read and write fluent and correct English.

Best Spoken English Classes in Pune

Before we come to the conclusion which is the Best Spoken English Classes in Pune, let me tell you a story.

We have been learning English from our childhood. The problem is, we have never tried to speak in English.

Just think how we have learnt our native language(Marathi/Hindi/etc).


But, while learning English we forgot the 2nd   Step.


While learning Marathi, we used to listen to our parents when we are kids. Whatever we were listening to, we tried to speak. Then after taking admission in schools, we started reading books and writing exams.

But while learning English, we used to listen to our teacher in English, then we started reading books on Grammar(noun, adjective and all…), then we started writing exams but we never tried to speak in English.

So we strongly believe that speaking is
the only way to improve English.

If you want to stay ahead of the Competition, join our English-speaking classes in Pune. English is the universally accepted language spoken by millions of people around the globe. To walk on a parallel path with the world join the best spoken English classes in Pune. For aspiring candidates English is not the language, it is an unstoppable flow of knowledge that gives you the confidence to stand firmly on the world stage. The best spoken English classes in Pune award you that assurance of performing on any platform to achieve success.

Students who can not afford to join any English academy can learn English for FREE.

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Communication brings people together, closer to each other. Communication is an important management function closely associated with all other managerial functions. It bridges the gap between individuals and groups through the flow of information and understanding between them. Information is the most vital aspect of communication. It is the information that is transmitted, studied, analyzed and interpreted, and stored. The manager, therefore, has to spare time to collect, analyze and store the information for decision making best spoken English courses in Pune, spoken English classes in Narhe Pune, best spoken English courses in Narhe Pune.

Personality Development classes in Pune

Personality Development quintessentially means enhancing and grooming one’s outer and inner self to bring about a positive change to your life. Each individual has a distinct persona that can be developed, polished and refined. This process includes boosting one’s confidence, improving communication and language speaking abilities, widening one’s scope of knowledge, developing certain hobbies or skills, learning fine etiquettes and manners, adding style and grace to the way one looks, talks and walks, and overall imbibing oneself with positivity, liveliness, and peace. You may have heard this a million times “Think Positive”. It works. Smile. And smile some more. It adds to your face value and to your personality as well. Read a few articles in the newspaper loudly. This will help in communicating fluently. English speaking courses in Ambegaon Pune.


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Tips for our students:

* Take good care of your health, dress well, be neat and

* Prepare a chart that mentions your strengths and
weaknesses. Now concentrate on the latter and find ways to improve upon the
same. Do not forget to strengthen your strengths.

* Spend some time alone concentrating on you and yourself

* Practice meditation and yoga. It will help you develop inner
peace and harmony that will reflect outside.

* Do not live a monotonous life. Be creative and do
something new all the time. Nothing bigger than the joy of creative

* Personality development is gaining more and more
importance because it enables people to create a good impression about
themselves on others; best personality development classes in karve nagar
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