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  1. For Freshers:

    My name is Abhinav Koyale. I completed my BE last year from KIT college . I got distinction throughout the semesters of Engineering. I was topper of my class in the final year. I have participated in many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. I am good at presentation as I have presented many national level papers. I have good confidence and stage courage as I have participated in gathering many times and I did anchoring also in the last gathering. I am very good at convincing people. My communication skills are good. I believe in team work. I organized a national level competition with the help of my friends and we got very good response for the same. I can manage people very well. I was class representative of my class 2 times . My hobbies are teaching, collecting new English words, travelling to new places.

  2. For experienced: Myself Abhinav Koyale. I completed my BE in 2010 from KIT college. Then, I perceived my Mtech from BITS Pilani. I was very good at academics. I joined Patni company and worked as a software engineer. My domain was Java. Then, I worked at Igate as a personality development trainer. After 2 years of experience, I switched my company and I joined Capgemini. My hobbies are teaching, collecting new English words, travelling to new places. My communication skills are good. I believe in team work. I can manage people very well. I am very good at convincing people.
    — This Interview Technique is just an example and you should modify the answer to tell more about your self.

My hobbies are teaching, collecting new English words, travelling to new places, making new friends specially from different cultures and places.

I have good confidence and stage courage and I did anchoring in our annual gathering event last year.

– I am good at presentation. I have presented many national level papers in many events organized by different colleges.

-I am good at managing people. I was CR of my class in 3rd and 4th year.

-I have always been a good team player. I am good at keeping team together and producing quality work.

-From my last experiences I came to know that I can accomplish a large amount of work within a short period of time.

-I have always been good at planning about project. I worked as a team lead in my previous company and I led project very well and for that I have got many appreciations from my client.

.”Short term, I just want a job.” –My short term goal is to get a position where I can use my knowledge and strengths.

-I want to work in a project where I can learn new technologies.

After few years of experience I want to see myself as a Program manager or director of company.

My handwriting is not that good. I can’t swim and I am not good at driving car.

I think I am a perfect fit for this position. Your requirements and my skills are very much relevant to each other.

-I should be hired because I am efficient, smart and friendly.

-My qualifications match your needs perfectly.

I ‘ve held a lot of positions like this one, and that experience will help me here. “Because I am good at what I do.”

“Our discussion here leads me to believe this is a good place to work.”

“You need someone who can produce results, and my background and experience are proof of my ability.”

Pune is famous for Ganpati festival,sarang baug,katakirr misalpav….(wrong answer)

-Pune is famous for IT companies. There are many IT hubs in Pune like Magarpatta IT park,Eon IT park kharadi,Talwade IT park, Kalyani nagar IT park, Hinjewadi IT park.

1.”I’ve done a little homework and here is what I know about your organization…( examples)”

2.”Everything I’ve seen and heard makes me want to be a part of this organization. I understand your industry is ________ and your primary customer is __________. A particularly exciting part of your business is _________ .”

3.”I know enough to know this is an exciting place to work. It appears to be fit for my career goals.”

I didn’t like the tremendous amount of submission some professors used to assign us.

College was a wonderful experience.

College life taught me many things as I had to leave my house and had to come to Pune.

Fresher : Yes, I don’t have any problem. I am quite flexible person.

-I’m open to opportunities within the company so if that involves relocation I will consider it.

Salary is not that big issue for me right now. I just need job right now. So according to your company policies and norms, whatever you offer to fresher, that salary will be ok for me.

-“Money is not very important to me. I need to be able to pay the bills but the work environment is far more important to me.”

If I get selected then which domain I will be working on? If you give me any rough idea then I can learn related technologies by joining some classes or by self study.

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