ABKO gets 90% leads from Digital marketing.

Traditional marketing doesn’t allow direct interaction with customers, whereas digital marketing offers a higher level of engagement and interaction. Whether it is through social media comments or email messages, your target audience is instantly connected with you through various digital marketing channels. So, ABKO has started its own YouTube channel in 2011 and has thousands of subscribers and millions of viewers on YouTube. Click here to visit YouTube page. ABKO has thousands of followers and millions of viewers on all social media platforms. Now-a-days, everyone is on internet. One of the major reasons why digital marketing is taking over the traditional marketing channels is because the internet has enabled businesses to interact with targeted audiences in real time. 

ABKO is the best brand in the market.

It’s our tagline, “If English, it’s ABKO”. In business, earning name and fame take much time. In business, one of the key things is the brand. A brand takes a lot of time to develop. Many a times, it takes years. As a franchisee, you save those many years of creating a brand by taking the franchise of an existing brand. With ABKO, You get the advantage of a brand that has been established over the last 11 years. We are one of the leading brands of Spoken English in India. As an ABKO franchisee, you get the advantage of representing this brand in your town/ location.

ABKO is open for franchisees and partners and is happy to reach out to the last person sitting in every nook and corner of the country.

The need of the hour is to expand and to develop a “ABKO Chain”. We are looking for expansion in all the zones, North, South, East and West. ABKO is also looking for master franchisees and developing its Regional offices in all these zones.

ABKO offers exclusive rights for the city, district, state and once he/she meets the selection criteria, the person is presented with exclusive rights for the city, district, state.

ABKO takes care the factor so called “RISK” .

The knowledge of how to run the business is acquired over a period of time and during this period we tend to make several mistakes and some of them could ruin the entire business itself. When you become a franchisee of a company, the advantage is that you get the know – how of how to run the business from the franchisor. ABKO, Pune has setup more than 10 centres over the last 11 years of its existence and this ensures that most of the issues related to the running of the centre is already available with the company. As a franchisee, you get guidance at each stage of the business whether it is the starting of the centre or during the growth stage of the business.

ABKO provides powerful study material.

In the training business the most important thing is the study material. ABKO has recently published 4 books which are self explanatory. ABKO has one of the best courses available for English training which has been used by more than 30k students and have been benefited from this. As a franchisee you get access to such a powerful content at very much affordable fees.

24*7 Support from ABKO team.

When you start a business, you require support in identifying the right location, identifying the right people, the right vendors and knowing the rates for material and services. As an ABKO franchisee, you will get help in setting up your entire business from the scratch.


Steps to become an ABKO franchisee

Read the above content carefully as you are taking a very big and crucial step of your life.

If you are on this page, we assume you are interested in knowing about ABKO franchise. The first step is to contact us by calling.

Call us on:  77 190 190 19


Once you contact us then our franchise development team would arrange a meeting with you. In the meeting, we would discuss each and every point which is important to take the decision.

We will do an agreement (MOU) between franchisor and franchisee. You would pay franchise amount at this stage.

Jointly, we would start identifying the exact location to start the center. In case you already have a premises then that premises need to be approved by the operations team.

Once the premises is finalized, ABKO team would help you to start putting together the infrastructure. While the centre is getting ready, our team will find out the trainer, interview the person and train him/her. 

Digital marketing will be started one week prior to the inauguration date.

Who should take ABKO franchisee?

ABKO Franchise is ideal for the following people :

1. A Businessman looking for expansion

Many businessmen are looking to expand their business by doing something apart from their existing business. They either want to do it themselves or may want to invest and start something with a friend or a relative whom he/she trusts. ABKO Franchise is ideal business for such a person.

2. Employed person looking to start up something

People who are currently working and are seeking an option to grow faster in life. Somebody who is willing to take a risk but wants quick success and stable returns. They would like to leverage their experience of working for a company. This is an ideal business for this kind of a person.

3. Educated Youngster wanting to start a business

Nowadays, many youngsters are motivated to start their own business and are looking to start off something. They are young, energetic and willing to work hard. They need an opportunity which will give them quick results and fast growth. This is an ideal business for such individuals.

4. Lady who wants to start some business

ABKO is an ideal business for ladies who would like to bring out the potential within them and also contribute to their family’s income. Many a times the lady of the house has to compromise on her career due to the responsibility of her children and the family. A regular job would require her to be away from home and be available at the office for long hours, which is not possible.

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